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About Nihue Rao

Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual is a safe, authentic 100% Shipibo-Conibo owned and operated Ayahuasca plant medicine center specializing in Ayahuasca ceremonies and Master Plant Dietas.

Founded by world-renowned and respected Shaman, Ricardo Amaringo, our treatment methods focus on traditional Shipibo plant spirit healing songs known as ícaros and plant diets with Master Plants such as Bobinsana, Noya Rao, Pinon Blanco, Marusa, Ajo Sacha, Shihuahuaco, Tamamuri, Chuchuwasi, Chiric Sanango, Ayahuma, Piri Piri, plus the center’s namesake, Nihue Rao, amongst others.

Nihue Rao offers a unique, in-depth, and active intention-setting process, which aims to uncover physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wounds and target core traumas. Our Shamans work diligently to clean away the energetic roots and debris of human afflictions that lead to suffering such as depression, anxiety, addictions, physical and emotional abuses, traumas, blockages, heartbreak, shame, self-doubt, and fear while restoring the energetic body to its purest state.

Nihue Rao is a center where one can learn about Ayahuasca, plant spirit healing, and enter into shamanic training. Maestro Ricardo Amaringo is focused on education as he enjoys sharing his knowledge and wisdom of Shipibo cosmology and both the natural and spirit world. Maestro Amaringo encourages those interested in deepening their work to embark on a strict Master Plant diet.

About Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is legal in Peru. The Peruvian government declared Cultural Heritage of the Nation, “the traditional knowledge and use of the ayahuasca practiced by the indigenous natives communities of the Amazon...”


Ayahuasca Ceremonies 4 times per week. You'll receive a personal healing icaro each ceremony.


Maestro-led group discussions held 3 times per week. English-Spanish translation provided.

Master Plant Dieta

More than 20 tree or plant diets offered, in addition to healing plant remedies. Dieta-friendly meals served exclusively.


We have 25 individual rooms with electricity and a fan. For long-term dieters, we have isolation tambos.

Starlink Wifi

Available in the Communal Lounge Area.

24-Hour Security

Property surveillance and safety provided by a trained security team.


Complimentary ground transportation with our trusted drivers provided to enter the center. Return trip coordinated for a small fee.

Laundry Service

Complimentary wash and fold available 6 days per week.


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