Terms and Policies
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Terms of Use

The passanger volontary agree to undergo traditional shamnic care offer by those responsable at Nihue rao centro espiritual. He volontary agree to undergo all techniques for their all well-being, demonstrating their agreement to participate in such program. The tourist, understands that their care may include the volontary consomption of medicinal plants and the medicinal tea as know as ayahuasca.

Nihue rao centro espiritual and those who represents it will never force anyone to drink ayahuasca for receiving a shamanic care. It is not an obligation to drink the ayahuasca brew or a plant preparation to receive a shamanic care in ceremony with icaros.

The tourist is aware that he or she needs to inform those at Nihue rao centro espiritual of any prior illness they may have or any medical treatment they are undergoing. Those at nihue rao will not be made responsable for omission of any such information. The tourist voluntary participate in a shamanic program, clearly aware that in peru, shamanic care, including the consuption of Ayahuasca is legal in peru and is not under any restrictions.

At your arrival, a document will be read with a translator in a language understood by the tourist, who upon reviewing to their satisfaction, demonstrates their agreement by their signature.

Privace Policy

We keep all of your personal information private and will only contact you to send you information about Nihue Rao. We will not share or sell your information. All medical, personal, and spiritual information remains confidential, and is only shared with our shamans and necessary staff.

Return Policy

There are no refunds available for cancellation. If you decide to cancel upon arrival, or have to leave suddenly during your stay, we do not offer a financial refund. However, we do offer a voucher for the non-accomplishment of the days you missed. This voucher is to be used within the next calendar year.

Payment Policy

Nihue Rao only accepts international bank transfer or cash. Please inquire for bank transfer information. In Peru only new bills will be accepted. Please, prepare new bills from your bank within your country. ATM´s in Peru have limited range of access.