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The Ayahuasca brew served at Nihue Rao is made onsite by our staff. It is made exclusively with fresh Ayahuasca vine and Chacruna leaves as per tradition, which are boiled for several hours throughout the day.

Nihue Rao offers fresh, refined, high-quality medicine. The two plants work in tandem, as the Ayahuasca vine opens up the spiritual world, and the Chacruna leaves bring forth the visions within this world. When a shaman drinks the Ayahuasca brew, they enter a medicinal state where they can call on the spirits to help connect and heal those who come to ceremony.


Ceremonies at Nihue Rao take place four times a week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday beginning at 8pm. Rest and integration is important and protected by a day off on Wednesday and over the weekend.

Ayahuasca is natural plant medicine that is used to heal. Typical effects may include nausea, vomiting, or going to the bathroom. Each person is given a bucket to use at his or her disposal, and toilets are located approximately 30 feet from the ceremonial maloka.

When in ceremony, each participant comes forward individually to drink the medicine before returning to their mat to begin their process. However participants are not required to drink Ayahuasca to receive spiritual treatment and can receive great healing simply by being within the Maloka and receiving an icaro.

Approximately 1 hour after drinking the medicine, the full effect opens up and the shamans begin to sing to call the good energies into the maloca. Throughout the ceremony, each participant is brought to the shaman to receive a personal medicinal song (icaro) dedicated to their personal healing and spiritual intentions. The shaman may also smoke mapacho (pure, natural tobacco), or spread perfumes to complete a treatment.

During the ceremony, an experienced Facilitators are available and ready to give any kind of support and help to anyone during and after ceremony.

A ceremony generally finishes around 12am/1am and on closing, participants are free to return to their rooms or to enjoy the space in silence, in gentle chat, or in song/music.


Three times a week, on a day following ceremony, participants gather to share ceremony and diet experiences and receive guidance from Maestro Ricardo Amaringo. An English-Spanish translator leads Integration sessions with the Maestro. Throughout your time at Nihue Rao, participants are supported by an experienced international staff who speak English but often bring other languages. They are available to facilitate your experience, listen, and offer guidance on how to work with the medicine.


Nihue Rao is a modern plant medicinal healing center that follows the principles and wisdom of traditional shamanic Shipibo knowledge. A journey at Nihue Rao starts with a personal meeting with Maestro Ricardo Amaringo, who prescribes a complete individualized healing process, often with a traditional medicinal plant.


The day before the first ceremony, participants drink a preliminary traditional remedy called a purgative. This remedy cleans the stomach and the body, frequently causing vomiting, and is necessary in order to receive the ayahuasca brew properly. It’s a preparation of two traditional Shipibo medicinal plants. These plants are a lily called Azucena, which is combined with sap of a tree called Oje.


Twice a week, we prepare a flower bath made with a selection of beautifully smelling plants. These plants help to clean the body’s energetic field and attract good energy for ceremony and diet. It is believed the flower bath can attract love and luck in life.


For local pain or certain health conditions, our shaman may prescribe a topical application of various medicinal plants. This external cataplasm may be prescribed for several days during your journey.


Guests at Nihue Rao who stay with us for ten days or longer are typically prescribed medicine treatment with a traditional Shipibo master plant dieta to improve the spiritual and physical healing power of the Ayahuasca. 

Depending on availability, please inquire if you are interested in dieting these plants or others you might be aware of.


Piñon Blanco is used to straighten the energies of the body, mind, and soul. It connects a dieter to the light. It is often prescribed for a first general and complete cleaning and for opening spiritual connection.


Coca is the sacred plant of the Incas. It connects a dieter to Incan medicine and to the light. Coca also strengthens the body and clears the mind.


Oje is a powerful tree that brings a lot of light and strong medicine. Excellent for cleaning the mind and the body from the residual contaminations of all types of drugs and strong addictions.


Ajo Sacha opens the heart and improves the quality of relationships in one’s life. It can also be used to clean and heal the blood, the nerves, and any type of addictions and drugs.


This medicinal plant comes from the cosmos. Aire Sacha Cosmica connects a dieter to cosmic medicine, doctors, and spirits.


This powerful master medicinal plant connects a dieter to the medicine and to the natural world. Chiric Sanango teaches shamanic medicine and helps eliminate body pain.


Chai Pei is the plant of the spiritual traveler. Chai is ideal for discovering different spiritual worlds and providing protection. It is also good for healing stomach ulcers and migraines.


Marosa is a plant of love. It is prescribed to connect oneself to one’s own feelings and emotions and to open the heart. Marosa is also good for increasing self-confidence.


Piñon Colorado is a plant that opens the world of dreams. It is also good for healing physical pain of the body, as well as the mind and emotions. Typically participants receive treatment with Pinon colorado through cataplasm and steam bath.


Toe is a plant that opens the visions and teaches the medicine. It is a plant only available for extremely motivated or advanced dieters looking for deep shamanic training. Toe is only given as a long-term diet, for 6 months to a year, minimum.


Bobinsana is a plant that provides strong protection. It is considered ideal to strengthen one’s energies. Bobinsana can connect a person to his or her own medicine and heal physical body pain, joints, and cold.


Piri Piri is used to find a love and to find a partner. Typically it is taken as a bath treatments or prepared in perfums.


Ayahuma is a powerful tree that is excellent for cleaning strong negative energies. Ideal in a learning diet for learning the medicine, opening the world of Ayahuasca, enhancing visions, receiving light, and teaching songs, or ikaros. It may also be prescribed as part of a vapor bath. For learning dieters, ayahuma is only prescribed as a medium or long-term diet, from 3 months to one year. No minimum is necessary for a healing diet.


Nihue Rao is the center’s namesake, and a sacred master plant to our shaman, Maestro Ricardo Amaringo. It connects a dieter deeply to the powerful spirits of the Shipibo medicine and teaches knowledge of the cosmos, divine light, peace, and love. Nihue Rao is available to advanced dieters and shamanic apprentices who wish to study shamanism. It is only given as a long-term diet only, from 6 months to year, minimum.


Other powerful trees or plants may also be prescribed by our Maestro. Each plant has its own particular skills and healing abilities. Some of these plants include Huairacaspi, Catahua, Chiwawako, Cumaceba, Estoraki, Ajos Kilo, Chuchuasi, Ishpingo, Tamamuri, Abuta, Uvos, Ecoja, Uña De Gato, Boahuasca, and many others. Depending on availability, please enquire if you are interested in dieting these plants or others you might be aware of.